Why adopt the Qualimobi control and monitoring application?

Why adopt the Qualimobi control and monitoring application?

Whether you operate in the field of transport, industry, health or the hotel industry, you are aware that ensuring your customers an irreproachable quality of interventions is a major issue. However, this can only be achieved by relying on effective digital solutions. Qualimobi is positioned as one of them in that it allows companies to improve their productivity and their customer relationship.

A service control and monitoring application: real added value

The emergence of digital technologies is undeniably an incredible opportunity for companies to boost their productivity. The use of a service control and monitoring application fully contributes to the achievement of this major objective.

Indeed, this tool turns out to be an added value for companies insofar as it allows streamlining and automation of monitoring processes. I’quality control app Qualimobi facilitates this the monitoring and rating of services in an efficient and intuitive way.

That is why it has a wide range of useful features, namely:

  • the management of non-conformities;
  • monitoring of corrective and preventive actions;
  • report generation, etc.

These various functionalities therefore allow companies to guarantee their customers good quality services. Better still, from an intuitive interface, your managers will be able to follow the progress of projects in real time, identify any deviations from agents in the field and make informed decisions on the fly.

The creation of a repository for the collection of quality data

The centralization of data is of paramount importance insofar as it facilitates communication and collaboration between teams. With Qualimobi, your responsible managers will be able to control the quality of the services of your field agents.

Indeed, they will be able, more easily, coordinate the efforts of each team and ensure in real time the compliance of the services they perform in the field. They will use for this quality survey customization features in order to effectively assess the relevance of the services offered.

Thus, thanks to the implementation of an effective inspection grid on Qualimobi, your managers responsible for the quality of services will be able to escalate and processon the web platform, the anomalies and ensure to provide answers.

In short, this approach centered around the grille d’inspectionas an assessment and scoring tool, will help you improve the experience of your customers.

A service control and monitoring application such as Qualimobi therefore appears as a determining tool to meet the growing expectations of your customers in terms of responsiveness and quality of service.

An all-in-one offer

Qualimobi stands out from current offers on the market, in terms of digital solutions, by its all-in-one character. Indeed, thanks to an all-inclusive price, your managers will be able to access the application directly on their mobile tablet or on the dedicated application website.

This complete digital solution offer includes, among other things: configuration and reporting. Similarly, the Qualimobi quality control and monitoring application adapts to all team and control volumes, which turns out to be clearly advantageous.

We should also emphasize the fact that all the data collected is hosted in France, thus guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of your customers’ information. In addition, the Qualimobi solution is offered in mode SAAS (Software As A Service) and is certified Qualiopi.

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