What to do during a team building seminar in Provence?

What to do during a team building seminar in Provence?

In companies, in order to consolidate the links between employees, managers often use seminars. These seminars generally consist of so-called team building activities. These activities maintain team cohesion and improve communication. As a manager in Provence, you wonder which activities would be suitable for groups. Do not worry, because this article gives you some clues.

Make an escape game

Very popular during team building, the escape game is a game during which participants must solve a puzzle. That’s not all, because the resolution is done within a time limit in a room. After solving the puzzle, the winners will have the opportunity to leave the room. In Provence, you can practice this activity in the seminar rooms. You just need to decorate the frame well to give more enthusiasm to your collaborators.

The objective of team building activities is to allow employees to communicate with each other to get to know each other. The manager must therefore think of the best activities that contribute to this: the escape game contributes to this. Very practical, this game helps to strengthen group cohesion. Being an enigma, the game appeals to the logicthe reflection, The strategy, etc. This is a good way to know the strengths of the other.

Have a yin & yang party

In order to strengthen the team spirit in your company, this activity is a great idea. Through it, employees find emotional balance to enhance your communication. Indeed, during this game, each participant must make associations according to his taste. For example, the vase and the flower or the television and its remote control.

Then, he must note the elements of the combination on two different sheets. After numbering these sheets, each piece of paper will be stuck on the back of each participant. However, you must be sure that no participant has received their initial combination. The participants must mix and then they must identify their pair, the one with the second piece of paper. To identify oneself, the principle is to ask questions whose answer is yes/no. The yin & yang party is very interesting because it brings out several emotions.

Do a sports activity

Team building is not limited to a moment of relaxation, it is about any activity that brings your employees together in teams. They will then get to know each other and discuss their daily lives. Sports activities are also an excellent idea for your seminar in Provence. You will then have the chance to know the talents of your employees. It’s a good way to evacuate stress and to surpass yourself to achieve a goal.

Additionally, the sport is known to have positive effects on health, because it contributes to the well-being of the practitioner. By participating, employees know that they are important in the team. The field of sport is vast, you can do:

  • Olympics (sack race, table football);
  • Group sports (football, handball, basketball);
  • The Bike Race;
  • The canoe ;
  • Le Rafting.

In addition, you can also have the different departments of the company compete through these different sports. For those who do not know how to practice, this is an opportunity for them to learn. The experience will be very rewarding.

A theater workshop

The theater is an activity to practice during a team building seminar. During this workshop, employees can let go and gain confidence. demonstrate d’improvisation and know play a role are required in this workshop. When you practice it in Provence with your collaborators, your speaking skills Are growing. Team building also makes it possible to transmit the culture of the company and to develop productivity.

Organize a cooking class

On the occasion of a seminar for your company, you can take a cooking class. Simply contact a pastry chef or chef to oversee the session. All participants must take part. They will be able to learn new cooking tips. You can also organize cooking contest for small dishes and have them tasted by the chef. In such a context, employees will develop stress management, team spiritcreativity and communication.

make art

If you are targeting the creativity of your employees, nothing beats the painting. This is what they need to show you the fruit of their imagination. You can choose a theme for this purpose and in groups or individually, the members will draw a fresco. You can even hang their designs on your premises. They can remember that moment later and laugh about it.

Practice fun activities

Fun activities are made to relax. During your seminar in Provence, you can play a game of bowling, minigolf, poker, etc. Through these activities, you can motivate and raise your employees’ awareness of the company’s challenges.

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