What is the procedure for finding affordable family mutual insurance?

What is the procedure for finding affordable family mutual insurance?

Did you know ? Your spouse and your children have the possibility of being cared for by your mutual health. These are family mutuals which have been designed with the aim of meet the different needs of the whole family while saving money with a bundled contract. The family mutual, how to choose it? Which health insurance to choose? This article will satisfy you.

Before making the choice of such a mutual, it will be necessary essentially take stock of all the needs of the members of the family to compare warranties. Find the family mutual that meets your needs by consulting an insurance comparator. You should know that all family members will benefit from the same refunds and guarantees with family health insurance. You must therefore consider the needs of each person. Here are some tips to make your health insurance cheaper:

  • You should only purchase warranties that are truly essential;
  • Proceed to group your contacts;
  • Perform an analysis and study of online health offers;
  • Be on the lookout for sponsorship offers and promo codes;
  • Adopt the annual payment option;
  • Make a request for Complementary Health Solidarity;
  • Mutual group purchase option.

However, he you will have to be careful not to abandon the guarantees in favor of the prices.

The best mutual: what is it?

The best mutual that you can find will be the one that will really adapt to the needs of the different members of the family. Since everyone will enjoy the same guarantees, it is important that you take stock of everyone’s health costs. By considering your needs, you can adapt the levels of guarantee. This, on the different health posts that the mutual offers you:

  • dental : child and sometimes adult orthodontics, dental care;
  • Optics : contact lenses, lenses and frames. You will also find certain mutuals which take care of eye operations;
  • Hospitalization : doctors’ fees, private room, daily rate;
  • Common medicine : consultations

Do you have children and they need glasses or a dental device? It is possible to increase the levels of dental or optical guarantees in order to enjoy a much better reimbursement.

Is it compulsory to take out family mutual insurance?

Employees who since 2016 have been introduced by their company a collective mutual insurance contract, are obliged to subscribe to the latter. This, unless they have already subscribed to their partner’s health insurance. The company can thus decide to take charge of your assigns, that is to say your children and your spouse. You have two options:

  • The first is to join your partner’s health insurance in the event that the latter has more advantages;
  • Or integrate your children and your spouse into your company mutual.

Note that the mutuals that companies offer do not always reimburse well. Generally, these are only made up of the “minimum guarantee basket” and only allow you to benefit from basic reimbursements. The wisest thing would therefore be to subscribe to a family mutual fund on your side in order to enjoy more optimal guarantees.


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