What is the “activity commitment”, one of the requirements to request the help of 480 euros for people over 52 years of age

The unemployment subsidy for people over 52 years of age is an economic benefit granted by the  State Public Employment Service (SEPE) for those people who meet this age group and who have already exhausted the corresponding unemployment benefit or subsidy. This 2023, as a result of the increase in the IPREM to 600 euros, the amount rises to 480 euros per month for the beneficiaries. However, it will be necessary to comply with a series of conditions. In this sense, in addition to age, people who wish to access this aid must be unemployed and “not have the right to the contributory benefit, having contributed for unemployment, at least, between 90 and 359 days”, clarifies the KNOW . 

Likewise, “intermittent permanent workers will not be able to access when their date of fact is prior to March 2 , 2022″. On the other hand, they must be registered as job seekers “for one month from the end of the benefit they were receiving or from the date of registration as a job seeker if they access the subsidy for being a returned emigrant, released or released from prison or by disability review”.

Why is this commitment important?

Another requirement is that the income cannot exceed 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI) and not have their own income. “If you do not meet this requirement on the date of the causative event, you will be able to access the subsidy if you meet it and accredit it within a period of one year from then,” details the SEPE. 

In addition, the interested person must comply with the activity commitment, “which is included in the subsidy application” . But what is it and why should it be added to the application? This is the commitment that the applicant or beneficiary acquires from the aid to “actively seek employment, accept a suitable placement and participate in specific actions of motivation, information, orientation, training, retraining or professional insertion”, collects the SEPE. 

In this way, this commitment is based on fulfilling “those obligations provided for in the rules that regulate unemployment benefits.” So much so that its non-compliance is considered a minor infraction . However, participation in these actions is voluntary during the first 30 days in which the benefit is received.


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