What are the advantages of a network water cooler in a company?

What are the advantages of a network water cooler in a company?

Installing a source of fresh drinking water on the premises of the business is a legal obligation for any business manager. In addition to this mandatory nature, having a water fountain has several advantages for the company. It makes it possible to ensure the development of employees for a better performance of the structure in general. Discover here the benefits of a water fountain on a corporate network.

Ensuring the well-being of employees

The first advantage of installing a corporate water fountain relates to its impact on the health of employees. Indeed, for preserve one’s health, it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. The existence of a water source in the company proves to be the ideal solution to enable employees to comply with such a health recommendation.

This is all the more so as the latter spend most of their day in the company’s offices. Furthermore, install a drinking water device in business is an excellent way to avoid sugary drinks whose effects on health are quite harmful. Additionally, a water fountain is a guarantee for employees to consume pure and drinkable water.

Indeed, this equipment is equipped with a filtration system that allows it to remove all the dirt contained in tap water. Thus, employees are protected from any bacteriological or chemical contamination.

Optimize worker productivity

The consequences of dehydration on the body are numerous. These disadvantages constitute a major obstacle to work performance. The lack of water is indeed the basis of ailments such as fatigue, pain and cramps, psychomotor dexterity disorders, etc. Note that an employee who suffers from such discomfort cannot really be productive.

In addition, proper hydration is beneficial for the body. It allows it to keep all its freshness to remain productive over a long period of time. better, water promotes concentration and better brain function. Staying well hydrated also helps maintain balance, morale and emotions.

Realize savings

Another benefit of having a company water source is that it is a very economical solution. Thanks to this equipment, employees always have water within easy reach. This therefore saves you expenses relating to the purchase of water bottles which are much more expensive.

In addition, a water fountain is the ideal installation for save time. Indeed, with this device, you no longer have to deal with the management of stocks of water packs or bottles. You can then devote yourself to other more important tasks.

Better, the mains water fountain makes it possible to multiply the supply points. Employees no longer need to travel long distances to quench their thirst. Thus, they avoid wasting time as much as possible.

To respect the environment

Installing a water source in the company is an effective solution for protect nature. Indeed, this device contributes to considerably reducing the use of plastic bottles which are very harmful to the environment. Better, it allows you to produce less waste. In addition, the fuel consumed to supply bottles or carboys of water is limited, which makes it possible to reduce the carbon impact on the environment.

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