what activities to offer to its staff in 2023?

what activities to offer to its staff in 2023?

Pour build relationships within teams of a company, and so that the work is always carried out in a good mood, a few recreational days per year between employees are in order. Today, more and more leaders are turning to team building. They understood that this concept is advantageous for better staff productivity. If you want to organize a team building that employees are sure to love, here are some original activity ideas for 2023.

Team building and creative workshops: a winning combination

Participate in a creative workshop allows everyone to put their inventiveness and imaginative spirit to good use, in order to create a common achievement. Here is a very good way to stimulate team spirit while having fun. You can also offer various tools to awaken the creativity of each participant, encourage innovation and encourage group consultation.

Motivation will then be improved. Regardless of the company’s field of activity, motivated people are necessary for the success of your projects. For example, if you work in the IT industry and your team needs to design a Belgium sports betting site or if you are in sales and field prospecting is required, motivation is fundamental.

Strategy games: great way to motivate a troop

It is customary in the context of team building to suggest strategy games. And for good reason, these types of games are very stimulating. In reality, they are an opportunity for staff to show their know-how in terms of time management and communication. This game also helps to learn to make decisions quickly.

Profitable for work in a company and for possible partnerships, strategy games are also entertaining and rewarding. If you soon have to prepare activities for a team building, do not forget to include some games requiring to be a good strategist.

Activities for team building: challenges and challenges

To test a team’s sense of initiative, there is nothing better than challenges and challenges. In this context, there are many possibilities. You can opt for any challenge: scientific, IT or even culinary, physics…

You can organize a race whose objective will be determined beforehand, or a contest that you will have to win as a team. Through this activity, participants will learn how real collective work is done. It will also help them cultivate team spirit and know the best way to achieve a common goal.

Role-playing: useful for stimulating group reflection

Here is another particularly popular activity when a company wants to offer a day of team building to its staff. Role-playing helps you get to know each other better and adapt to the skills required for successful teamwork. In a role-playing game, each participant will have a specific mission. But all missions will then set a single objective.

Ideally, prefer games related to your company’s activities and with the goals or projects you intend to achieve and achieve. This will allow your team to better prepare for their role when it comes time to actually get the job done.

The escape game, the game that promotes team spirit

A team building would undoubtedly be incomplete without the famous escape game. The escape game is an excellent choice for bringing together co-workers. This game will not only develop team spirit, but also work on their sense of cohesion, an essential point between employees, as well as vis-à-vis hierarchical superiors.

As you know, the escape game is played in a setting specially designed to be in total immersion. This will further motivate the participants. You are free to select a specific theme for the game: adventure, horror, fiction, action… In any case, for a team building to be successful, it is preferable to diversify the activities.

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