The savings for the pocket that supposes the use of the electric bicycle instead of the car in the city in times of inflation

The price crisis caused by inflation has activated the ‘savings mode’ in Spanish consumers . Any small gesture, action or routine that helps our pockets not suffer so much is currently welcome. And if it is also beneficial for the planet, even better. 

With this premise, and undoubtedly influenced by the improvement of infrastructures and the implementation of Low Emission Zones in large urban centers, millions of citizens have modified their mobility habits and have found a cheap and ecological alternative to the car in the bicycle, still the undisputed king of asphalt. 

In fact, this trend has been growing to reach 57.1% of the population and with 20 million Spaniards using the bicycle frequently, as reflected in the Bicycle Barometer in Spain 2022 , the largest study at the state level on the use of this means of sustainable transport.

In this context of cycling fever, the electric bicycle has experienced a notable boom , ideal for urban trips without the need to be in good physical condition, which allows its use by all kinds of people. Thanks to the built-in battery, pedaling effort is reduced and it becomes a useful and less tiring vehicle, adapting to the condition and personality of each person.

Added to this advantage is its low cost of use, thus allowing notable savings for drivers, for whom the price of fuel has caused a headache in the last year . 

According to data provided by Norauto, the annual savings from using an electric bicycle is 2,010 euros compared to passenger cars and, in addition, it represents a 99% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In Spain, there are already 900,000 electric bicycles in circulation , which makes them the most numerous electric vehicle in the country.

Almost 60% use it for daily commuting

The use of the electric bicycle provides multiple benefits, both for physical health and mental health. According to the mobility barometer, among the outstanding reasons for using them we find that, being used several times by the same user, 84.1% use it for walking, 79.2% for sports, 59.6% for commuting daily, 40.4% to go to a study center and 36.9% to go to work.

Among the most appreciated attributes of the bicycle that Spaniards spontaneously indicate are: an active and healthy life, its ecological character, the economic savings it represents compared to other means of transport and its contribution to improving mobility and enviroment.


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