the importance of a recruiting firm

the importance of a recruiting firm

The food industry is one of the sectors experiencing employment pressures. And for good reason, he encounters enormous difficulties in recruiting employees. What explains this situation and what are the consequences that flow from it? What actions are recruitment firms taking to remedy this situation? The answers to these questions can be found in this article.

What is hindering recruitment in the agribusiness sector today?

Many factors underlie the labor shortage in the agribusiness sector. By way of illustration, we note:

  • lack of knowledge of the various professions in the agribusiness sector;
  • a lack of attractiveness vis-à-vis said sector;
  • unattractive working conditions;
  • unattractive salaries, etc.

Due to these factors, even if thousands of posts are free in this sector in France, candidates are always reluctant. To remedy this, the agricultural recruitment firm performs certain actions. These are presented to you below. If you are therefore having difficulty recruiting in this sector, simply call on a specialized firm. It will help you achieve your goals.

The consequences of this shortage of labor

Logically, when companies operating in the agribusiness sector fail to recruit, not all sown produce can be harvested. This will naturally cause problems with la distribution. Consumers will find it difficult to feed themselves. In order to have these products that they lack, they will turn to the outside.

It’s a loss for their country of origin. Today, production in France exceeds 17% of the market on the old continent. It could well lose such a position if a solution is not quickly found to this problem. Don’t forget that the agricultural sector is one of the most important pillars of the French economy.

It therefore represents a good source of employment. So what do recruitment firms do to help companies find the manpower they need to run their business?

The actions of recruitment firms to deal with the threat

To deal with this, recruitment firms are not only interested in profiles trained in the field of agriculture. In the job offer, they also take into account the profiles that can be adapted to the constraints and requirements of the trades in that sector.

Promote careers in the agribusiness sector

For many people, agriculture rhymes with hardship. Many young people do not see themselves practicing this profession. Moreover, they do not really know them. It is for this reason that recruitment agencies in this sector have set themselves the task of making these professions better known.

Present the advantages of working in the agribusiness sector

Recruitment firms in this sector are increasingly praising the merits of its activities. So that many candidates are interested in it, they highlight the increasingly high salaries that are paid there and the improvement in working conditions observed. Apart from career development in the field, they also emphasize modernization of production processes.

The idea is to prove that the tasks in this area are no longer as arduous as they once were. To further convince potential customers, they had the idea of film employee testimonials and to distribute them on the networks of the company for which they officiate. Video communication attracts more attention from potential candidates.

Post impactful job postings on social media

On these same platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.), they also broadcast Jobs. In order to attract more applicants, they create interesting advertisements. They are both compelling and believable. So that’s how recruitment firms deal with the challenges of recruiting in the agribusiness sector.

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