The Company Self Made Program and its DROP’ELITE training: Our honest opinion

The Company Self Made Program and its DROP'ELITE training: Our honest opinion

Self Made Program DROP’ELITE training: our verdict on the method to create a profitable e-commerce store at 1000€/day

Looking for a training to create a profitable e-commerce store using the dropshipping method ? We’ve tested DROP’ELITE de Self Made Program, and here is our verdict. This training teaches you how to create an online store that brings in up to 1000€ per day thanks to proven digital marketing and SEO techniques. With educational videos and practical resources, DROP’ELITE is a complete method to earn money on the internet.

In this article, we will talk about this training:

DROP’ELITE: Build a MUSE at 1000€/D with Shopify in 30 days

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What is Self Made Program’s DROP’ELITE training?

Self Made Program is the first French online training program specializing in e-commerce. Created by Self Made ProgramTraining DROP’ELITE has the main purpose of helping entrepreneurs to create their own online store and generate passive income from it. This training is taught by experienced professionals and includes instructions and practical tools to help you start your shop. It is aimed at beginners who wish to learn the basics of e-commerce, but also at experienced specialists who wish to improve their commercial skills. The training is divided into specific modules to facilitate its learning. Students benefit from personalized support and can consult the experts at every stage of their journey.

Who is behind the DROP’ELITE method and what is their background?

The DROP’ELITE method is a training offered by the Self Made Program. It was created by Sebastien, a well-known entrepreneur in the world of e-commerce. He took advantage of his expertise and experience acquired during his career to develop this training.

Sebastien has considerable experience in e-commerce as well as finance and marketing management. His expertise focuses on knowing trends and strategies to implement to maximize profits. He also has several years of experience as a product manager and consultant in the technology industry. It specializes in the design and development of innovative products that meet customer expectations.

The entrepreneurs behind the DROP’ELITE method are considered to be undisputed leaders in the field of e-commerce. Using their in-depth knowledge, they have developed an innovative program that provides new entrepreneurs with a platform to learn how to create and run a profitable e-commerce store.

Why choose the DROP’ELITE method to create a profitable e-commerce store?

DROP’ELITEis an online training offered by Self Made Program. It offers tools and tips for creating a profitable e-commerce store. The DROP’ELITE method allows e-commerce entrepreneurs to reach a turnover of 1000€/day. This training stands out for its ease of application and its rapid results.

Its main advantages are the time saving and the low financial investment necessary to set up this method. All you have to do is follow the training, implement the strategies developed and launch your store. Once all the elements are in place, several marketing strategies can be activated to drive traffic.

With DROP’ELITE, you have personalized support and advice adapted to your project. You benefit from feedback from other entrepreneurs who have already implemented this method and obtained exceptional results.
In addition, you benefit from 24-hour technical support to answer all your questions about the creation and proper functioning of your store.

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What are the advantages of this method compared to other e-commerce training courses?

The Self Made Program and his training DROP’ELITE offer several advantages over other e-commerce courses. Indeed, this method provides personal assistance and professional advice to help entrepreneurs and aspiring e-retailers grow their business. Here are some of the main advantages of this method:

  • Quick installation: The Self Made Program enables entrepreneurs to get started in e-commerce in just a few days. In addition, the DROP’ELITE training is suitable for people with no prior knowledge of e-commerce.
  • Affordable cost: The DROP’ELITE training is offered at an affordable price compared to other methods on the market. Indeed, it only costs 997€
  • Practical learning: The DROP’ELITE training offers a very practical approach and includes interactive lessons, video tutorials and practical exercises to guide participants. In addition, additional courses are offered to help participants improve their skills.
  • Personalized follow-up: The Self Made Program offers personalized support for each participant. Mentors and trainers are available to answer questions and provide personalized feedback.
  • Active online communities: Members of the Self Made Program benefit from access to an active online community that shares ideas, tips and tricks for e-commerce success.

The DROP’ELITE training is an online course offered by Self Made Program and which aims to help entrepreneurs create their own e-commerce store and achieve daily profits of €1000. In order to achieve this goal, the training offers a combination of digital resources and personal support to guide entrepreneurs through the process. The training is structured in such a way that each step is completed before the next begins, allowing participants to have a thorough understanding of the key concepts needed to generate income. The program begins by providing information on the use of social networks and digital marketing so that participants can understand the basics of e-commerce.. Ensuite, participants can learn how to create their own websitesas well as how to set up and manage their e-commerce store.

Participants also receive personalized support to help them develop their skills in web development and graphic design. In addition, participants have access to a variety of video tutorials, which explain in detail each step of the process of creating an e-commerce store. In addition, they receive advice on how they can monetize their websites, as well as how they can promote and sell their products. Finally, they receive regular updates on new market features and ways to increase their profits.

What are the modules included in the training and what exactly do we learn in each of them?

The Self Made Program DROP’ELITE training allows you to create a profitable e-commerce store at 1000€/day with your own products. It is based on 12 modules and a bonus, which covers all the steps necessary to succeed in this project. First of allby following module 1 entitled “Creating your business”, you will learn the basics of e-commerce and discover how to create a Shopify store from scratch. Secondly, Module 2, “Mastering Facebook Advertising”, will guide you through setting up an effective campaign to promote your store. Module 3 “Finding a Winning Niche” will show you how to find profitable products and make a good investment. With module 4, “Increase conversion rate”, you will get tips on how to improve your conversion rate and optimize your store. Finally, module 5 provides technical knowledge to automate your marketing strategy and make the most of the opportunities offered by e-commerce platforms.

Who is this training recommended for? Is it suitable for beginners in e-commerce?

Self Made Program and its DROP’ELITE training are e-commerce programs suitable for beginners. The training is designed to help entrepreneurs and professionals to create their online store and generate up to 1000€ per day. The program is customizable and offers practical information that can be implemented immediately. The Program steps are detailed and easy to understand, making it ideal for beginners. Plus, they get unlimited access to 24/7 technical support to answer all their questions.

What is the price of the training and are there financing options available?

The DROP’ELITE training price is set at €997. The training is available in several options, including payment in one go, or with a monthly payment. In addition, to facilitate financing for those who wish, there are payment options spread over 3, 4, 6 and 12 months at no additional cost. Customers can also benefit from a special discount if payment is made in one go. The course also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if customers are not satisfied with the content and the results obtained after participating in the training, they can request a full refund within 30 days.

Testimonials from students who have taken the training, what do they say?

Student testimonials are very positive. The participants in the DROP’ELITE training are unanimous and share their enriching experiences. Most say that thanks to the program, they have acquired practical knowledge and learned how to create their online store. The whole community feels more comfortable in the business world and are able to generate considerable income. Moreover, thepersonalized assistance offered by Self Made Program is highly appreciated by students. They find that it facilitates learning and allows them to better understand key concepts. Students are delighted with regular follow-up they receive to check their progress and adjust their strategies if necessary. They also find that training provides a solid structure

Our final verdict on the effectiveness of Drop’Elite to create a profitable e-commerce store at 1000€/day

We personally tested the training Drop’Elite from the program Self Made Program. Our verdict is that this training is very effective in creating a profitable e-commerce store at 1000€/day. It includes up-to-date and well-organized information to help you start and grow your online business.

Throughout the training, you will acquire essential skills to manage and monetize your store. Marketing strategies are very well explained and practical techniques are presented in a systematic and user-friendly manner. In addition, each training session is accompanied by personalized support to answer participants’ questions.

Verdict: The Drop’élite training is for us the best training on the market to date to launch a profitable e-commerce store quickly!

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