tasting experts at the service of local and fresh products

tasting experts at the service of local and fresh products

What do we know about Marion?

Marion is a tasting expert and a passionate entrepreneur. She enjoys discovering new products and learning to better appreciate them. Her expertise can be found in her business, Les D├ęgustations de Marion (https://les-degustations-de-marion.com/), where she offers courses in the art of tasting and advises customers on how to choose the right products. We can say that Marion is a real enthusiast who likes to share her knowledge and make people discover the pleasures of taste. It makes it a point of honor to offer superior quality products, carefully selected from the best local producers. Whether it’s preparing a glass of wine or assembling a gourmet platter, it’s easy to see that Marion pays great attention to every step.

Where to find local and fresh products?

THE Marion’s tastings offer an exceptional variety of local and fresh products. For more than five years, Marion has expanded its range to bring diversified products to its customers. Known for her commitment to local producersshe has partnered with artisan producers, local fishermen and farmers markets to offer the best quality at affordable prices.

Artisanal products

Marion’s tastings offer a huge selection of artisan foods such as Italian cheese, Belgian chocolate, fresh fruit tarts and more. All are made with locally grown ingredients and no preservatives or preservatives. By choosing these premium products, you will get the authentic taste that only artisans can create.

Local products

Marion carefully selects local products to meet quality and flavor requirements. It negotiates directly with local producers in order to offer exclusively the best to its customers. Whether it’s fresh vegetables, homemade meat or locally brewed beer, you’ll find the best products at reasonable prices in its online store or in store.

Fresh products

At Les Tastings de Marion, freshness is guaranteed thanks to the know-how and passion that go into each product chosen by Marion. Whether Norwegian salmon, organic poultry or fair trade extra virgin olive oil, optimum quality is ensured through a strict quality control system. You can therefore be assured that all products purchased will be fresh and delicious!

What are the benefits of tasting?

Marion’s tastings offer a unique and enriching experience that allows participants to learn more about wine and discover its secrets. Wine tasting can offer multiple benefits, including the opportunity to unleash creativity, open up to others, and develop analytical skills. The tastings carried out by Marion allow customers to take full advantage of the benefits of wine by immersing themselves in the very heart of this product.

Getting to know the taste and aroma of wines

THE tastings provided by Marion are a great way for wine lovers to learn more about the aroma, taste and organoleptic characteristics of different types of wine. Participants can thus develop their taste palettes, analyze the quality of products and recognize the varietal characteristics between different types of wine.

Socialize and share your passion

THE tastings offered by Marion also offer a unique opportunity to socialize with people who share the same interests. Thanks to this structure, participants have the opportunity to share their knowledge, learn and interact with other people who are passionate about wine.

Amplifier son expertise

The great experience that Marion has acquired in tasting is very useful for participants who wish to improve their skills or amplify their expertise. Indeed, it offers a variety of categories ranging from white to red, from fruity to woody or even from dry to sweet.

The essential tools to prepare a local and fresh meal?

If you want to discover the passion and expertise behind the Les Tastings de Marion brand and prepare a local and fresh meal, you will need the following tools: a kitchen ax, a good knife, a cutting boarda pana jumperand blenderof the muffin cupsof the cake moldsa kitchen scale. These tools are essential for cooking a local and fresh meal and are essential for using fresh and local products.

In addition to these tools, you will also needvarious kitchen utensils such as wooden spoon, measuring spoon, whisk, etc.. Additionally, you may need to purchase additional equipment depending on the type of meal you are preparing. A grater can be useful for grating vegetables or cheeses for example. A food processor can be very useful for grinding seeds or mixing ingredients.

For a neat and professional presentation, it is important to have suitable containers. Choose ovenproof dishes, airtight jars, airtight and non-porous containers to store food. Don’t forget the cutlery! For a perfect presentation, opt for metal or wooden cutlery. And if you lack inspiration for the design of your plate, opt for parchment paper or food paper which will give a much more refined look to your dish.

Finally, don’t forget the little extra: the final touch that will make the difference in your dish. Choose your spices and herbs wisely to get the best possible taste.

Discover the secrets of a tasting expert!

Marion’s tastings are a place where you can discover the art and science of tasting. The founder, Marion, is a passionate expert who has devoted her life to sharing her know-how and making known the secrets of tasting. She is internationally recognized as one of the best tasting specialists and she willingly shares her expertise with the world.

Marion uses her in-depth knowledge of taste to create unique and varied selections of products that will delight the most discerning palates. It also offers tailor-made courses for anyone wishing to learn more about this ancient art. The courses she gives are designed to satisfy the requests of clients and meet the expectations of the finest amateurs.

A passion first

Marion has devoted herself entirely to her passion for more than 25 years and strives to share her expert knowledge with the whole world. Thanks to his enthusiasmto sa perseverance and to that creativityshe succeeded in conveying her interest in tasting. Its objective is that everyone can find the pleasure of tasting, appreciating and being able to talk about the flavors that surround us.

Treat yourself to a unique tasting!

Marion’s tastings invite you to live an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether you are an informed amateur or a curious novice, come and discover the secrets and expertise behind the brand. This is the perfect opportunity to explore your own taste journey through delicious, original, tastyeven refinedculinary creations concocted by our tasting expert!

Get to know better the exciting world of Marion!

THE Marion’s tastings are an essential brand for lovers of wine and gastronomy. For more than 10 years, Marion has been passionately sharing her knowledge of French terroirs and local products. It also offers oenology workshops and cooking classes for those interested in the culinary arts. Its ambition is to promote better know-how in food, by offering healthy, varied and balanced products.

Marion is a recognized expert in the culinary world. She is regularly invited to specialized events such as tasting days where she leads workshops around wines and spirits, as well as the culinary arts. It also organizes home tastings for individuals who wish to discover or deepen their knowledge on the subject.

In addition, Marion offers a personalized service and benefits from an important network of local producers to find the best food products. The products it offers are always healthy and fresh, grown according to traditional methods and carefully vinified to reinforce their unique character.


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