Steam: this real nugget is 90% off, hurry

As often Steam offers discounts on many games but this time it concerns a very great classic.

How about immersing yourself or re-immersing yourself in one of the most iconic indie games? Indeed currently on Steam , you can take advantage of a nice and big discount of 90% on the extraordinary INSIDE . Available since 2016, it is certainly one of the most beautiful nuggets of recent years. The game also collects on Steam a very large number of extremely favorable opinions.

INSIDE: the indie gem of 2016 and beyond on sale on Steam

At the time it was my friend Julo who had the opportunity to test this little gem, here is what he could say about it at the time (and it is still relevant):

Inside is one of those breeds of games that can scar you for life. In line with Limbo , Playdead once again gives us a pure nugget, both artistic and playful, which takes you for a few hours in a strong and striking universe, deliciously black, original and bewitching. Despite its obvious affiliation with  Limbo , which is obvious from the very first seconds, it just as quickly builds its own identity and improves in its formula absolutely everything that had already made us fall in love a few years ago. Great art.

Well the good news is that with its 90% discount on Steam it is only 1.99 euros, the price of a coffee. Better, you can even treat yourself to the Limbo + INSIDE bundle for the price of 2.68 euros. Be careful, you still have to decide before March 16th.

The sales fair

Beyond this offer you can also discover great Steam sales on Capcom games including the Resident Evil saga but also Monster Hunter . Isn’t life beautiful?


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