Spaniards’ travel spending will stabilize in 2023: 43% will allocate between 1,000 and 3,000 euros

Spending on travel by Spaniards will stabilize in 2023, with luxury tourism driving the highest level of spending with an increase of more than 10% in exclusive accommodation reservations, according to data from Travellyze, which ensures that Spain leads ranking above other European countries.

The European intelligence platform foresees a stabilization in the average spending of Spanish travelers in the face of 2022. According to its data, close to 50% of Spaniards will allocate the same budget as in 2022 for their vacations, while 12% foresee that will spend more.

Regarding the average budget, 43% of those surveyed say they plan to allocate between 1,000 and 3,000 euros for their trips throughout the year.

These data on average spending are, according to the platform, a sign of the “consolidation” of the sector, which has maintained a positive trend since 2022 and which, according to the UNWTO, will continue in 2023 until international arrivals recover pre-pandemic levels.

Exclusive tourism is postulated as one of the main drivers of spending for 2023 since, according to Travellyze data, this year luxury travel “will be stronger than ever” . Within this segment of travelers, travel budgets maintain remarkable growth with an 11% increase in luxury suite/villa bookings.

This growth necessarily goes hand in hand with greater environmental sensitivity. Looking to 2023, 8 out of 10 travelers recognize the importance of sustainable travel, especially in the luxury segment where three quarters of travelers are willing to pay more for sustainable experiences.

Whether they are luxury or medium and low budget trips, what tourists are looking for is to obtain the best value for money : almost 30% of those surveyed are totally open to using booking channels and comparing prices for the same services in different platforms like Momondo, Trivago, Skyscanner.

The main sources of inspiration they use to travel are family and friends (63%), Instagram (33.5%) and review websites such as Tripadvisor (31%).

Spain, leading country in destination experiences

In addition to consumer trends, Travellyze has also extracted data on specific destinations and Spain stands out as one of the main references.

In fact, after analyzing the experience ranking of European tourists in destinations, Spain has positioned itself in first place on the list of countries worldwide.

According to the balance of January 2023, the Spanish market obtains a better score than other destinations in its surroundings such as France, Germany, Italy or Portugal. The United States is in fifth position, being the only country from outside Europe that occupies the top positions on the list.


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