REVIEW of John Wick 4: the best episode of the saga?

We had the opportunity to see John Wick 4 thanks to the preview of the Grand Rex in Paris. We tell you everything about this crazy session, guaranteed without spoilers.

The historic Parisian cinema Le Grand Rex organized a preview of John Wick 4 in the presence of actor Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski and we were able to attend. If the fights are at the heart of the film, we already had to fight last February 18 to attend so much so that everything went very quickly when the ticket office went online. Fortunately, after a long time of relentlessness we were able to obtain the precious sesame. Was the game worth the candle? After 1 hour of waiting in the cold then 1h30 of waiting in the heat we could have been discouraged but it is clear that the magic of cinema is more intense than our impatience.

John Wick 4, the story of a saga

Before being a simple film, John Wick is above all a saga, with its own codes and its own mythology. And inevitably we expected a lot from this fourth episode to deepen everything that concerns the world of assassins and the High Table. Alas, that was not really the case.

Not necessarily the best place but enough to admire Keanu Reeves arriving on stage.

John Wick 4 as you might expect makes the choice to succinctly lift the veil of mystery to focus on pure and hard action. It is also most certainly the ultimate episode of the franchise on the subject of fights and shootings. It’s very simple there are very few scenes of respite and our good old Keanu literally takes it all in the face. Nothing is spared John Wick in this episode to the point of making it a running gag. Based on this premise, in addition to being the most action-packed episode of the saga, it is also the one with the most humor. And it’s very successful because the director Stahelski manages despite everything to keep what makes the strength of the license. Namely the revenge and suffering of a a bit like the ultimate work of suffering. The protagonist suffers from minute to minute and this is what makes the film so enjoyable in moments of victory. We would even dare to go further by saying that this film in particular has something almost biblical in its formatting and in the places that Wick passes through . It’s hard to imagine a film that begins in the desert and ends in front of a church being the result of chance.

A film that renews itself perfectly

An almost biblical film

After 3 episodes one would think that Chad Stahelski would have covered the question in terms of action, but the man, a former stuntman, has set the bar even higher. On the action side, John Wick 4 is flawless and the film even has the luxury of being of great artistic beauty., even more than the other episodes. It’s a festival of sounds and lights and choreographies that are offered to us and we have the impression of receiving a new slap each time Wick changes environment. Osaka, Berlin, Paris is in this context a winning combo and each city brings its own atmosphere and its own fighting style. The staging is extraordinary from start to finish and each fight is as enjoyable for the eyes as it is for the ears. This is as much the case for hand-to-hand kung-fu style combat as for gun-fu shootouts, which take it a step further in terms of quality and execution. John Wick 4 is aesthetically sublime. It is all the stronger because the image is accompanied by a breathtaking soundtrack.

Un film “breathtaking”

A sublime Donnie Yen

But beyond Keanu Reeves, we also salute the extraordinary work of the many actors who accompany him, with Donnie Yen at the top of the list, who is simply sublime in the role of Caine. It is he who has the right to the best action scenes, just after Keanu Reeves. And what about Shamier Anderson’s marvelous playing, which alone is a huge nod to the whole spaghetti Western culture? It’s flawless when it comes to casting. Special mention to Bill Skarsgård, who perfectly embodies the villain imbued with his person whom we love to hate during the 169 minutes of film.

If John Wick 4 once again offers a post-it scenario, it is still the best episode of the saga, by far. We do not see the time passing and we are witnessing a deluge of action which comes to completely revolutionize the genre. Faultless and a total tribute film to the classics of kung fu. What more ? John Wick has all the cards in hand to be unforgettable.


John Wick 4 is an unforgettable film so much so that it is impossible to get away from it several days later. Sublime from start to finish, its scriptwriting weaknesses quickly go by the wayside as the action is perfectly choreographed and executed. With an exceptional cast, the film benefits from knowledge in terms of image and sound that is simply exceptional. The best episode of the saga without a doubt.

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