Renovate your business with wallpaper

Renovate your business with wallpaper

In a world with which business is constantly changing, it is essential to ensure that your work environment reflects your brand image and supports the productivity of your employees. Have you ever thought of using the wallpaper as a means of renovation to transform your workspace? In this article, we will show you how wallpaper can not only provide a unique aesthetic touch, but also help create a stimulating and pleasant working environment.

What are the advantages of using wallpaper to renovate your business?

Wallpaper has several advantages for your business renovation. First, it offers a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures, allowing you to customize your workspace to your brand image. Plus, installing wallpaper is often faster and less expensive than installing traditional paint. Finally, the wallpaper is easy to maintain and can be replaced quickly when needed. For example for a ski rental company, a mountain wallpaper brings both atmosphere and embellishes the interior of your showroom.

To choose the right wallpaper, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Your company’s brand image : Choose colors and patterns that reflect your corporate identity and convey a consistent message.
  • The space available : prefer light wallpapers and discreet patterns for small spaces, and dare bright colors and bold patterns for large spaces.
  • The function of the parts : choose a wallpaper adapted to the use of each room (meeting room, open space, individual offices, etc.).
  • Durability : choose good quality wallpapers that are resistant to stains and scratches to guarantee optimal longevity.

To get the most out of wallpaper in your business, be sure to create a pleasant and stimulating work environment for your employees. Consider using colors and patterns that promote concentration, inspiration and relaxation. For example, pastel colors and natural patterns can have a calming effect, while bright colors and geometric patterns can stimulate creativity.

What are the tips for a successful wallpaper installation?

Here are some tips for successfully installing your wallpaper:

  • Prepare the walls well by cleaning and smoothing them.
  • Accurately measure the dimensions of each wall and cut the wallpaper accordingly.
  • Use a good quality glue and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimal adhesion.
  • Press the wallpaper down to avoid air bubbles and creases.
  • Finally, call in a professional if you’re unsure of your wallpapering skills or want the perfect result.

To renovate a wallpapered wall, follow these steps:

  1. Preparation of the wall:

    • Remove old wallpaper if necessary, using a spatula, steam stripper or a hot water and lye solution.
    • Repair any cracks and imperfections in the wall with a patching compound.
    • Lightly sand the surface to achieve a smooth, even wall.
    • Clean the wall with a damp cloth to remove dust and let it dry.
  2. Laying the wallpaper:

    • Measure and cut the lengths of wallpaper adding a few extra inches at the top and bottom for adjustments.
    • Apply the paste to the back of the wallpaper following the manufacturer’s instructions (some wallpapers are pre-pasted or require pasting the wall).
    • Lay the first strip starting at the top of the wall and letting it overhang slightly on the ceiling. Roll on to remove air bubbles and smooth the wallpaper.
    • Repeat the operation for the following lengths, taking care to align the patterns and the edges.
  3. Finishes:

    • Cut the excess wallpaper on the ceiling and floor using a cutter and a ruler.
    • Gently wipe away traces of glue with a damp sponge.
    • Let the wallpaper dry according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To cover an old wallpaper with new wallpaper, follow these steps:

  1. Assess the condition of the existing upholstery:

    • If it is in good condition and well glued to the wall, you can put the new wallpaper directly on it.
    • If the tapestry is damaged or poorly glued, it is best to remove it before hanging the new wallpaper.
  2. Preparation of the wall:

    • If you need to remove the old upholstery, do as instructed in the first answer.
    • If you are putting the new wallpaper over the old wallpaper, clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust and allow to dry.
  3. Laying the wallpaper:

    • Follow the same steps as for renovating a wallpaper wall (see first answer).

By following these tips, you can renovate a wallpapered wall and reupholster an old tapestry to give your space a facelift.

In conclusion, psychology plays an essential role in the choice of wallpaper for professional spaces. The colors, patterns and textures of wallpaper influence the working atmosphere, emotions and productivity of employees. A well-thought-out work environment, with suitable wallpaper, promotes employee well-being and motivation, which translates into better overall company performance.

It is therefore crucial to consider the psychology of colors and patterns when selecting wallpaper for your business. A wise choice can help create a harmonious, inspiring and stimulating work environment that reflects the identity of the company and supports its values.

Ultimately, investing in wallpaper that meets the needs and expectations of your employees is an investment in the success of your business. Take the time to think carefully about the design and decoration choices for your professional space, and you will see the positive effects on the atmosphere and the productivity of your team.

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