Payroll company: How to choose it?

Payroll company: How to choose it?

Wage portage is an innovative concept that shakes up the traditional work system. It takes more and more place in the professional world, and constitutes a real vector of modern entrepreneurship. However, this new form of employment is not so well known to the general public. A supported employee is a self-employed worker who signs a three-party contract with a company that promotes the exercise of his profession in complete autonomy. But on what basis should you choose your wage portage company?

Study the administrative and legal management policy of the company

L’modern entrepreneur who chooses wage portage must be able to benefit from full support. The company must then take responsibility for the administrative, tax and legal management of the self-employed worker. It is therefore essential to make a previous study of the management policy of the company before any agreement. A comparative study of several companies would in this case make it possible to establish a list of potential companies of choice. You could then make a decision from this ranking of the best wage portage companiesand thus ensure that you choose the best option.

With regard to administrative and legal responsibilities, make sure that the wage portage company takes care of all the procedures related to the exercise of your profession. For any signature with the client company, it must naturally act as guarantor for the monitoring and management of the entire agreement signing process. Its role at this level generally consists of:

  • Set up the legal status adapted to the worker’s activity;
  • Draft the commercial contract for the worker;
  • Ensure the conclusion of the agreement between the client company and the worker;
  • Take responsibility for corporate taxes.

Identify the company with a good business expense management policy

All companies are going to want to dangle a bright future for you. You absolutely must not be fooled by the beautiful promises. Apart from the benefits in terms of legal and administrative responsibilities, you must ensure that the umbrella company has a good management policy, particularly with regard to the management of professional expenses.

The majority of wage portage companies provide modern entrepreneurs with a professional expense management service. But the offers depend on the management policy of each company. Poor management service can seriously weigh on your bottom line. It should also be remembered that professional fees may not be included in the tax base for management fees. In addition, some portage companies act as guarantors for the repayment of the TVA collected on professional fees to workers.

Compare management fees

THE management fees are variable, and can therefore change depending on the portage company. Companies generally offer an offer of 5 to 15% of turnover without the mandatory taxes. Decreasing amounts are determined according to your cumulative turnover since the start of your contract with the company, or even annually.

It is known that offers that are too attractive can sometimes hide dark realities. It is therefore important to pay attention to the perfect proposals regarding the management fees by these holding companies. Figures that are too low are sometimes used as bait, and are generally the cover of an over-invoicing of some social and tax levies. Then pay attention to those companies that offer the most attractive management fees. It always hides other realities that can severely impact your business.

Assess additional costs

Some portage companies occasionally play a double game by hiding excessively high additional costs under their management offers. There are additional charges called charges re-invoicedand which are not included in the management fees.

You should know that the company has the right to make an additional invoice on the payment of the costs associated with your work. It can be professional liability, or even tax on turnover. In this specific case, we are talking about re-invoiced costs. It is a legal practice, but it can serve as an alibi for certain companies who will want to take advantage of it, and exaggerate the additional charges.

Moreover, it is a situation that complicates the comparison of umbrella companies, since it will be difficult to make a deduction based solely on management fees. Companies usually offer different fees, but the problem is with re-invoicing which can be less attractive.

Compare the level of experience of the companies

In the professional world, the number of years of experience is one of the determining factors. THE level of experience of the carrying company is an important detail to take into account, since a company that has more experience necessarily has more guarantees.

A company that has been in the market for many years certainly has a better chance of managing your business successfully. These years of experience give it a certain reliability. The older the company, the more assured its know-how.

Compare Economy Optimization Devices

PEO services vary from company to company. Some offers therefore promote optimization more than others. Before making your choice, it is essential to make a comparison of the optimization toolsin order to have a guarantee on the security of your economy.

In terms of offers, some companies provide workers with savings schemes. PEE et LOSE are most of the time the two savings plans offered by these companies to their employees. It is an excellent alternative, especially for service providers who do not find the need to transform all of their invoicing into remuneration.

With these savings tools, you guarantee an increase in your net salary, since the money set aside for employee savings benefits from a tax exemption. Some supported employees even benefit from holiday vouchers and catering tickets.

Analyze the support policy proposed by the company

The selection criteria go well beyond a simple comparison of management costs, the management of administrative tasks and the optimization of savings, because the value of a company is not limited to figures or legal details. At this level, we are talking about the support policy individual and collective available to each wage portage company. Qualitative support must be one of the first factors of comparison.

A competent company must be able to put in place an excellent support policy in order to allow these employees to work independently. Some companies to help you in your activity provide you with personalized support, giving you the right to a personal referent. This person is responsible for guiding you in your various choices, and especially the management of your activity. It should be noted, however, that the lower the management fees, the lower the quality of the services.

Investigate the company’s financial security

An umbrella company that does not have a guarantee of financial security is not a better option. Not only are you entrusting your business to the company, but you are also handing over the keys to your future. It is therefore essential to ensure that it is the best choice from all points of view, and financial solidity is one of the important criteria.

The company’s Financial Security Study protects you from any disappointment in the future. The company in which you work as a carried employee must be able to manage your remuneration for each of your missions. She will not be able to play this role perfectly if she is not financially solid.

According to convention collective de portage salarial, you are automatically entitled as salary to 77% of the monthly social security ceiling. The minimum that the company can therefore do is to pay you 2591 euros regardless of the remuneration associated with your service. In addition, the company must be able to give you a salary advance before payment for each service performed.

Opt for the company that optimizes the management of time and its activity

One of the main advantages of portage salarial is that it allows you to work independently. Thus, the company you choose must naturally promote the optimization of your time, allowing you to focus 100% on your business, without having to deal with binding responsibilities.

In addition to taking care of administrative tasks, accounting and legal procedures, it has the duty to support you in the management of your activity in order to save you time. The most successful porting companies offer various optimization devices that simplify the management of your day-to-day business.

Gather feedback from client companies

In the world of employment, the collection of opinions is important in determining the reliability of a company or service provider. In the case of an umbrella company, the better reputation it has with corporate clients, the more reliable it is.

In other words, a client company that gives positive opinions on an umbrella company demonstrates the quality of their collaboration, and therefore the performance of the company. By opting for this kind of company, you increase your chances of working in a healthy environment, and especially of carrying out important missions.


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