is it really effective in boosting your investments?

is it really effective in boosting your investments?

Discover our honest review of Self Made Program Dividends Academy training. You want to boost your investments and you wonder if this training is effective? We tested for you this specialized training in dividends and we give you our verdict. In this article, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this training as well as the results obtained. You will also discover our in-depth analysis of the strategies taught to obtain dividends and their long-term performance. If you are looking to improve your stock market investments, this article is for you!

This blog post will talk about this online training:

DIVIDENDS ACADEMY: Living off your dividends with the DIC method

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Presentation of the Dividendes Academy training

Dividendes Academy is a training offered by Self Made Program that provides entrepreneurs with knowledge and practical tools to generate passive income from financial investments. The training covers topics such as stocks, bonds and index funds. Students learn to analyze the market, understand investment strategies and put together their ideal portfolio. The instructors are specialists in the field of finance who have enormous experience and competence.

DIVIDENDES ACADEMY offers students a variety of content such as videos, PDF documents, webinars, Q&A as well as exercises to know how the financial market works. Students can also exchange their knowledge and experiences with other members of the Dividendes Academy community on the online platform. Full support is provided through trained support agents and a support system that responds immediately to customer inquiries.

Expertise and experience of the creators of Self Made Program

Self Made Program is an online learning platform that offers training and courses designed by a group of experts and entrepreneurs. Their most popular formation is « Dividendes Academy », which was designed to help entrepreneurs understand financial principles and give them the tools to make informed financial decisions. The creators of Self Made Program have a considerable experience in the field of finance and investments, which means that they can provide accurate information on the subject.

Their training is structured and cover all possible aspects of personal financing, including asset management, long-term investing, responsible use of credits, etc. They also bring additional financial planning dexterity to help their clients achieve their financial goals. In addition, they regularly update their modules so that participants can benefit from the same information that is available on the financial market.

Finally, the Self Made Program offers participants additional resources such as discussion forums, Facebook groups and webinars so that they can share their experiences and thoughts with others interested in personal finance.

Detailed analysis of training content

The “DIVIDENDS ACADEMY” training, offered by Self Made Program, is a rich and comprehensive training program. It is intended for beginners wishing to learn how to invest their savings in stable and regular dividends. It provides comprehensive training on the main concepts and methods of investing in short and long term dividends.
The detailed analysis of the training content covers all the aspects necessary to understand investing in stable and regular dividends. The program begins with an introduction to dividends, explaining how they work, their benefits and their risks. It then discusses the main types of stocks that pay dividends, as well as the different funds and ETFs that offer regular distributions. Participants will also learn how to analyze financially listed companies to identify securities that pay stable and regular dividends. Finally, several strategies are discussed to optimize dividend investments while minimizing the risks associated with this type of investment.

In addition to being rich in practical information, the training includes practical exercises, including a simulator portfolio allowing participants to practice what they have learned. Students can experiment with different types of investments without taking any financial risk. This exercise is particularly useful since it allows you to become familiar with advanced investment tools and techniques without having to invest your own money directly.

Finally, the “DIVIDENDS ACADEMY” training course offers personalized assistance. Participants therefore benefit from individual support throughout the duration of the program in order to obtain additional assistance if necessary.

Become financially free thanks to the method Are you interested in the DIC method? Then join the DIVIDENDS ACADEMY now!

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Strategies taught to maximize dividends

DIVIDENDS ACADEMY is an online training offered by Self Made Program that offers a complete system for maximizing dividends. The training is based on a simple and realistic method that helps investors achieve high gains. This method focuses on using advanced investment strategies and techniques to generate recurring and long-term profits. Students will learn strategies taught to maximize their dividends:

  • Diversification: Good diversification can be achieved by buying stocks in several different sectors, which increases the probability of gains and reduces overall risk.
  • Invest for the long term: Long-term investing is key to profiting from the stock market, as it offers investors the opportunity to understand the dynamics of investments and get the maximum return for their money.
  • Buy undervalued stocks: Investors can look for undervalued and profitable stocks in order to take advantage of companies’ future growth potential and increase their dividends.
  • Use leverage: Leverage can be used to increase gains during volatile market times, allowing investors to earn higher returns with less money.
  • Gestion active: Active management can help investors make quick decisions based on current market data, allowing them to grow their capital faster.
  • Purchase options: Call options allow investors to benefit from increases or decreases in the price of stocks, which greatly increases their potential for gain.

Students will learn all of these strategies in detail through the interactive video modules provided by DIVIDENDS ACADEMY. Practical tests will then allow students to apply this knowledge to decision making. Finally, the whole experience will be completed with a kit including a toolkit and a practical guide as well as a private Facebook group for additional support.

The advantages and disadvantages of the proposed method

Training DIVIDENDES ACADEMY proposed by Self Made Program presents advantages and disadvantages to the investor. One of the main features of this training is its simplicity and flexibility, which makes it an ideal method for beginners and intermediate investors as well as those with experience. In this article, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed method.


Simplicity: The basic principles of the training are simple and can be understood easily by anyone with an interest in the stock market. The information given is clear and presented in a concise manner, which means that there is no need for prior knowledge to be able to take advantage of this training.

Flexibility: The proposed method consists of a short program that can be followed at your own pace. This allows investors to approach the training at their own pace and choose which modules they wish to study in more depth. Thus, investors can customize their own investment strategies according to their objectives.

Professional support: One of the main features of the program is the access to professional support offered by Self Made Program. Members receive permanent support from qualified staff to answer all their questions.


High cost: Although the program is quite affordable, it costs more than other similar investment programs, which may put off some less fortunate investors.

Limited resources: While the course covers a wide range of topics related to dividend investing, it does not go as far as some full courses in terms of depth and topic coverage.

Testimonials from investors who have taken the Dividendes Academy training

Academy Fridays offered by Self Made Program has received very good reviews from investors who have followed their training. The training participants said that the content was very rich and interesting, and that they learned a lot of practical knowledge on how to invest in dividends. They also emphasized that the teaching was simple to understand, clear and accessible to all levels of investment. In addition, they noticed that the contents of the program were constantly updated according to changes in the market and financial conditions.

According to the testimonies collected, the staff of Divendes Academy was very helpful and responsive when questions or doubts arose during the course. Participants said that the team was attentive and always available to answer questions or provide additional explanations. Moreover, the empathy and understanding they showed was greatly appreciated by the participants.

Finally, Academy Fridays has received many compliments regarding its active community of investors. Members felt encouraged by the presence of others who share their goals and experiences in the stock market.

Conclusion: our final opinion on the effectiveness of this training to boost your investments

After analyzing the formation DIVIDENDES ACADEMY offered by Self Made Program, we can say that it is very effective in boosting investments. The modules are well structured and offer comprehensive and practical information on the dividend. The video tutorials explain very clearly how to apply the investment strategies, from analysis to implementation. The active and dynamic community of members is also a big plus for this training. They provide investment information and allow you to ask questions at any time. Moreover, the customer support staff is dedicated and professional and answers all your questions quickly.

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