How to reserve a place in a private crèche for your employees?

How to reserve a place in a private crèche for your employees?

Reserving a place in a crèche responds to a concrete need of your employees. This approach allows them to find the right balance between professional and personal life. Only, it is necessary to go through certain key steps to choose the establishment adapted to the needs of your employees. Discover the different steps to follow.

Choose the ideal partner for reserving places in private nurseries

There are different possibilities for book nursery places private for your employees. It is therefore important that you evaluate the various solutions available to you in order to choose the right service provider for your employees. You can :

  • opt for a particular crèche based on the recommendations of your employees;
  • collaborate with a network of nurseries by communicating directly with a dedicated contact;
  • or even delegate the requests of your employees to a platform for booking places in crèches.

In addition to these steps for find a place in a crèche for your employee, it is recommended to compare the terms of engagement. For this, certain questions must be asked. Is it possible to reserve places on a case-by-case basis ? What are the termination terms? What are the procedures for the departure of an employee?

Take into account the number of places you want to reserve

The ideal establishment for child care of your employees must necessarily take into account the number of places you wish to cover.

Discuss with your collaborators

It is essential to involve employees, especially parents, in each stage of your search. You will allow them to feel confident and to trust the establishment that will be chosen according to their needs.

You can circulate a small questionnaire in order to obtain more precise information. Whereas the reservation of a place in an inter-company crèche is tricky, it will allow you to choose and partner who will effectively meet the requirements of your employees in the short, medium and long term.

Focus on your financial envelope

Thereafter, it will be necessary to discuss with the various service providers in order to get an idea of ​​the cost of a nursery placein each region. You will be able to model your approach on the number of places your team needs.

It should be remembered that the reservation of places in crèches is followed by certain fiscal advantages . Thanks to the CIF (Family Tax Credit), the employer recovers 50% of the total expenditure relating to the crèche.

Make seat reservations

Regarding the reservationStrictly speaking, you have two choices: opt for a particular crèche or opt for an establishment on a case-by-case basis. It is also by this same process that the State reserves places in crèches for its agents, as indicated This article.

In the first case, it is usually a crèche located in the vicinity of the workplace. However, this criterion alone does not necessarily make it possible to meet the needs of working parents. As for the second option, it concerns nurseries offered by the persons concerned.

Ideally, seat reservations should be made on a case-by-case basis. This is because each employee has different requirements and needs when it comes to the right facility for their child. This is why it is often advisable to prefer individualized contracts .

As an employer, you must be allowed to review the term of employment. On the other hand, the contract should clearly state stopping proceduresin the general conditions. From a legal point of view, the departure or the end of the employment contract of an employee is equivalent to the loss of his place in the crèche.

Sign the contract

After receiving the contract, you have approximately five days to sign. Nevertheless, taking into account the fact that the place can be in high demand, the good reflex will be not to hang around in order to guarantee your reservation .

It is only after signing the contract that the place in the crèche will be officially granted to you. The families concerned will now be able benefit from personalized care for their childrenaccording to the terms of the contract.


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