How about a giant escape game?

How about a giant escape game?

Would you like strengthen cohesion within your teams? Are you looking for a new team building activity after having tried others? What if you choose a giant escape game for your next team building? This is a famous team building activity that will provide many benefits for your employees and your organization. You will find here some good reasons to opt for this team building activity.

Giant escape game, what is it?

Before exposing the advantages of this team building activity, it is appropriate to briefly present this concept of escape game. That said, the giant escape game is an evolved or improved form of the classic escape game. In a traditional escape gamea small group of players locked in a room must succeed in escaping or accomplishing a given mission within a given time.

This experience is adapted to take place on a larger scale in a giant range escape . Here, in the same space, many teams compete on the same game at the same time. The team that hopes to win the game must be faster than the other groups of players by solving a whole series of puzzles. On the site, you will find a number of scenarios for your giant escape game. For your next team building, go on an adventure with your collaborators. Generally, a giant live escape game usually lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.

Why opt for a giant escape game for your team building?

L’giant escape gamerepresents a team building animation that is unanimous because of its many benefits. Find below some advantages that this team building activity offers.

Strengthen the cohesion of its teams

The giant escape game remains a team game. Indeed, the participants must collaborate to succeed in the mission. In other words, the latter must put their skills at the service of the collective if they wish to win. It should also be noted that each member of a team must play a specific role during the course of the game. Thus, no one will be left out.

If one of the members of a group of players is not able to play their role well, the other people who make up the team will have to come to their aid. In this way they will increase their chances of winning. Bulk, good team cohesion is essential for the success of this activity.

Develop the creativity of its employees

Choosing the giant escape game as a team building activity is an excellent way to develop the creativity of your employees . In reality, the challenges and puzzles to solve during a giant escape game often require a good spirit of creativity and imagination.

Thus, your employees will have no choice but to reveal their creative potentialif they want to complete the mission. By developing the creativity of your teams through this activity, you can ensure that you stand out from your competitors, and therefore prevent your company from becoming obsolete.

Improve stress management among employees

At a giant escape game, players have a limited time to solve the puzzles or complete the mission. Decisions must therefore be made quickly since time is short. Despite this, they must manage to control their emotions and stay focused.

Clearly, this animation de team building will allow your employees to test their ability to make decisions in record time and under pressure. By leaving this activity, they will undoubtedly know how to manage their stress and work under pressure. This will allow them to carry out your flagship projects once in business.

Improve communication within its structure

To complete a mission during a giant escape game the players of a team are obliged to talk to each other, listen to each other, discuss actions to take and share their thoughts. In other words, they must be able to communicate effectively in order not to waste time, and therefore achieve victory. So, opting for a giant escape gameas a team building activity appears to be an excellent way to improve communication within your company.

After this activity, your employees will find it easier to listen to each other and discuss. This will certainly contribute to the development of your organization. You should also know that the giant escape game practiced as part of a team building allows to appease conflicts and strengthen the feeling of belonging to a company or a group.

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