Getting a temp job in construction: Why contact an agency?

Getting a temp job in construction: Why contact an agency?

The sector of BTP remains a major provider of temporary work in France. In effect, construction companies often recruit temporary workers to carry out temporary assignments on construction sites when they do not have enough manpower. If you want get a temp job in this field, here is why you will have to contact a specialized agency.

What is temporary work in construction?

In the construction or public works sector, temporary work means a three-way relationship between a temporary work agency, a user company and an employee appointed as a temporary worker. The latter is recruited and paid by the temp agency or the temporary work company, but performs missions for a given time for the user company. But to make sure you work for a reliable structure, today you can count on Pemsa and its various solutions. In general, each mission it will offer you will be framed by two contracts, namely:

  • The assignment contract: it defines the conditions of the temporary assignment (place and hours of work, salary, etc.) and is signed between a temp agency and the interim;
  • The provision contract: it is a commercial contract between the temporary employment company and the user company. This provides information on the conditions of recruitment (location of the site, hours, remuneration and others).

Moreover, although anyone can get a temporary job, some jobs in this sector require a little more experience and responsibility. Therefore, they do not confide in just anyone. It is important to note that some interim assignments can lead to a job on a permanent or fixed-term contract.

Why contact an agency to obtain a temporary position in construction?

Landing an interim assignment in construction through a temporary work company turns out to be very interesting. Find below the main advantages offered by this solution.

Experience multiple and varied interim assignments

A temp agency collaborates with many construction companies. The latter can therefore offer you many offers in this area throughout France. Thus, you will not have to worry about knowing which structure is recruiting, since the agency does it for you.

Know that by accepting several offers in the field you will undoubtedly gain experience that you can highlight later on your CV. By contacting an agency, you can also ensure thatget a temporary position that suits you perfectly. It knows your profile, your training and your skills.

Win time

As mentioned previously, as a temporary worker, it is with the temporary work agency that you will sign an assignment contract, which makes it your official employer. Therefore, it is temporary employment company who takes care of the establishment of your payslip, the payment of the salary and many other administrative procedures. This will allow you to focus on the mission you have to perform with the user company.

On another side, the interim agency ensures your safety and health throughout the duration of the interim assignment. Note also that the most popular jobs in temporary work in construction remain: structural work and finishing work, site driving jobs and machine operators.

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