benefits of translation for SEO

benefits of translation for SEO

When a business wishes to internationalize and gain visibility by ligneshe has to think about have your website translated. Few companies know this, but it is nevertheless a real asset for the SEO. This action must be part of a digital marketing strategy perfectly designed to effectively hit targets. So what are the benefits of an SEO translation for a company’s online visibility ?

Web referencing and translation: the prerequisites

The translation of a corporate website for the purpose of gain visibility don’t improvise. Experts recommend to design the SEO strategy well into which she will fit. You will find everything you need herebut note that the SEO rules are immutable, regardless of the country. So what aspects change? They mainly concern the key words where you want to position yourself. Depending on the region, they will know variations.

A company that wants gain visibility on the internet will not position itself on identical expressions in China or the United States. Nor is it a question of embarking on a literal translation of the targeted keyword to hope to get out of the game. Far from it, because the traduction SEO has its own rules that you will have to follow. How could you make the most of it for your natural or paid referencing ?

First of all, it is essential to detect keywords which have the best relevance in the language chosen for translate your site. This will allow you to boost your SEOin order to have excellent visibility in the desired country.

Who to contact for an SEO translation of your website?

At this stage, you have perfectly worked out how the natural referencing of your business will take place. What’s the next phase? It’s time to move on translation of your website. One of the best options to reduce errors would be to contact an SEO translation agency competent. She is used to this type of project, and collaborates with multiple professionals in various specialties such as:

  • Legal translation;
  • Medical translation;
  • Etc.

By having specialists in-house, the SEO translation agency can so offer content with high added value to its customers. The latter benefit from greater efficiency in the service provided. The positive results are therefore observed in the SEO strategy, because the issues of translation are understood by the agency. Further on, enjoy a SEO optimization of translated content is only one asset among many others.

Entrust the translation of your content to a specialized agency is the best way to improve the online reputation of your company. It will naturally follow a better visibility, and meeting customer needs. Sales will then increase, which will not be without positive impact on your turnover. So do not hesitate to have your website translated by an experienced agency.

Why have your web platform translated?

As you will understand, many benefits can be derived from translation of a company’s website. This is an essential asset for a company wishing to expand abroad. Further, it is the best way to broadcast a more professional image of your company. The content put online via the site can thus be adapted to the linguistic peculiarities of each foreign country. Of course, you will reach a larger audience.

Further away, have your site translated into several languages simplifies referencing on a variety of search engine. This will make it easier for you to export the products or services offered by your company. Of course, it is only possible to enjoy all these advantages by calling on translation professionals. Avoid as much as possible to use the multiple tools available on the internet for this task.

Such a mission must absolutely be entrusted to a professional and experienced translator. Thus, you have the assurance that he has a perfect command of all the particularities of the target language. The terms must not be translated word for word, at the risk of distorting the content. Furthermore, some expressions locales must be studied in depth during their translation in order to retain their substance.

As iciSEO translation obeys certain rules that must absolutely be respected by professional translators. When entrusting your project to a translation agency, here are the points on which it will have to ensure:

1. The structuring of URLs in the various languages

Doing translate the pages of your website into foreign languagesthis must also apply to their addresses. The SEO translation agency will then offer you various methods such as:

  • Change of domain name for each target foreign country: in each of the countries where your content is available, a translation will be made to adapt it. Although the technique works well, note that it requires a big investment on many levels;
  • Using subdomains: This is a better alternative to consider for spending less money and effort. However, Google do not see the use of subdomains with a very good eye;
  • The use of directories: you could also consider this option which will save you from having many sites in several languages. You will only need to have sub-folders for each of the foreign countries targeted to boost your online visibility.

2. Adaptation of the translated content to the targeted locality

The translation of your SEO content must take into account a variety of locality-related parameters. These are among others:

  • The tone used;
  • The presentation technique of the product or service offered;
  • The relevance of the keywords according to the target of each foreign country.

You are certainly aware that each nation to which your content is addressed has its own customs. You will therefore not communicate in the same way everywhere, and especially considering the linguistic changes to be made. Even if the language is identical in the countries concerned, the translated site won’t look the same. THE editorial content must therefore adapt to habits.

3. Identifying words with multiple meanings

The differences in the turns are existing even when several localities use the same language. It is therefore impossible to succeed in translating certain concepts exactly. It can also give rise to many interpretations. In these cases, it is completely unnecessary to use an automatic translator. These tools are currently incapable of capturing all the subtleties of the language.

Before post translated content online, make sure the work has been done by a professional. This is the best way to avoid making trade mistakes.

4. Tracking duplicate content

Some companies might think that the use of translation tools to change the language of their content might be a good idea. It is certainly not totally bad, but the risk of obtaining a literal translation is high. So you have a good chance of having a duplicate contentwhich the search engine. Whether you are the author of the translations put online from source content doesn’t matter.

How should you go about avoid duplicate content ? The professional translation agency knows that in this matter, a reformulation is essential. It concerns all content you want to offer in a foreign language. Another technique is to use the appropriate tag on all affected pages. At any rate, avoid translating the content of your site yourself if you don’t have the skills.

5. SEO optimization of translated content

It’s not enough to do translate your content into a foreign language to hope enjoy a good referencing. It is not as simple to be well positioned. THE translation agencies recommend reviewing queries from internet users in the targeted foreign country. This will allow you toadapt your SEO strategy on the various search engines used in these localities.

The next step will be to optimize all translated contentfocusing on the following:

  • Tags ;
  • Meta descriptions;
  • URLs;
  • The internal mesh.

The agency that will be responsible for translate the content of your business website should therefore not be chosen at random. It will be necessary to take into account its perfect mastery of SEO. Translation professionals must be aware of the objectives of a SEO strategy for a web platform. It is therefore important that content optimization falls within the competence of the translation agency.

You will thus achieve have a better positioning in search engines abroad. Furthermore, it is up to the translation agency to choose keywords on which to position yourself. Also make sure that the service provider has strong language skillsand an long experience in web translation. Otherwise, you will have to start a new search to find the professional you need. Take the time necessary to evaluate the different applicationsbefore making a final choice.

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