6 criteria to take into account when choosing the right food packaging

6 criteria to take into account when choosing the right food packaging

Food packaging is an indispensable element for companies specializing in catering, whatever their nature (small or large). It is used to keep food fresh and intact during transport. On the market, you will find them of different natures, shapes, sizes, colors. How to succeed in making a wise choice among the multitude of packaging available? Discover in this post some criteria to take into account to choose your food packaging.

The type of food to be kept and the nature of the packaging

One of the criteria to consider when choosing your food packaging is the type of food you want to keep. Indeed, it is generally advisable to store liquid food in a suitable cup and not in a box or in a bag.

Solid foods, on the other hand, must be stored according to their temperature, in a packaging quite resistant adapted. Note that a hot dish cannot be stored, for example, in the same packaging as an iced (cold) or raw food. For example, keeping hot food in a bag is very harmful to the body.

Food packaging legislation

The legislation (standards) in force is one of the criteria you should consider when choosing your food packaging. In fact, the EGAlim law prohibits companies from using plastic packaging since 2020. It is a law that militates for the use of ecological packaging, thus encouraging the preservation of the environment. against pollution in all its forms. To comply with this regulation, you must therefore obtain food packaging eco-responsible. Among these, we can cite for example:

There are also the biobased packaging. These are packaging made from certain materials such as corn starch, sugar cane, wood, etc. Likewise, reusable packaging, in particular insulated bags, should not be neglected.

The ease of use of food packaging

The practicality of food packaging is one of the criteria you must consider when choosing your food packaging. In this case, you must ensure that the chosen packaging is easy to use (easy to open and close). It must allow you to transport your food safely, without the risk of leakage or spillage.

The aesthetics of food packaging

L’aesthetic is also important when choosing your food packaging. We therefore suggest that you bet on a take-out wooden packaging. Packaging colors and patterns, on the other hand, should reflect your company’s values ​​and image.

The price of food packaging

To successfully choose your food packaging, it is important to take into account its prix. The ideal here is to bet on packaging with an excellent quality-price ratio. Preferably, establish your basic budget and be careful not to exceed your Estimates during your purchase. Also, you can visit this link to discover the main reasons why you should opt for eco-responsible packaging.

The quality of food packaging

The other criterion that you should not overlook when choosing your food packaging is its quality. For this, it is important to check the origin of your packaging to make sure whether it is good or bad quality. Generally, food packaging made in France is the best.

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