4 professions that are currently recruiting in the field of IT

4 professions that are currently recruiting in the field of IT

The computer field is booming and those who study in this branch have the best prospects for future professions in this era of digitization. It is therefore essential to learn about what you need for a career as a computer scientist, the tasks that will be yours and the prospects that are available to you with a degree in computer science. Discover in this article the top 4 professions that are currently recruiting in the IT industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) specialists

Towards the end of 2022, all of the biggest digital innovations started out being AI-based. We have thus seen the arrival of Chatgpt, Claude2, Bard, Midjourney and many other artificial intelligences. The demand from artificial intelligence specialists, more specifically datas analysts and the datas scientists, then soared. Hiring growth in this sector could even be as high as 60 % in the current market.

Given the important roles that AI plays in our lives, it is bound to grow in popularity. Organizations, meanwhile, need an effective way to scale their AI implementation practices to accelerate their return on investment.

As a result, more and more companies will hire data analysts and data scientists, who can respectively meet the needs of organizations and predict future needs and preview developments. If you are a business search for these specialistsyou can contact a Paris IT recruitment firm if you are in the French capital.

Cybersecurity experts

As you must already know, all big changes always have their dark side. The rush of digitization in recent times has increased the level of cyber threats. Keeping data and systems private, safe and secure has become very important.

Digital environments are becoming increasingly complex, often resulting in a jumble of information, architectures and technologies that require constant vigilance against vulnerabilities.

IT managers will therefore need to cybersecurity professionals capable of analyzing and solving security problems as a whole. Currently, the cybersecurity experts are therefore highly sought after on the job market.

Cloud Architects

The rapid shift to a remote working (telecommuting) model partly due to COVID-19 has forced many organizations to quickly adopt additional cloud services and infrastructure. In some cases, these implementations have gone beyond recruiting the cloud talent needed to plan and manage it all.

The cloud architect therefore plays an important role at the present time and is therefore in great demand on the job market. Visit the website of factorial if you are looking for this profile and many others for your business needs.

DevOps profiles and software developers

Software development is one of the oldest professions in the IT sector. With recent digital advancements based on AI, some professions have seen some decline. It’s about :

  • the web developer;
  • from the frontend developer;
  • from the backend developer.

However, this was not at all the case for the software developers. It is a profile that is currently highly sought after by companies and organizations.

Close to him we have the DevOps. This is a profile that takes into account all deployment and integration operations. Businesses benefit from greater agility and speed. These two profiles go hand in hand and are in high demand on the the job market now and for the future.


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