10 frequently asked questions to the dietitian

1. What can I eat to speed up my metabolism?

When we talk about metabolism, we can also speak directly about the general state of your body. 

Your metabolism is strongly related to your entire lifestyle. Do you exercise or do you lead a sedentary lifestyle? Do you drink enough water and do you eat healthy?
But also: what is your age, are there certain syndromes? 

Food that will magically make your metabolism burn 200 kcal more per day does not exist.
Even if you already heard about this and on top of that you are eating plenty of pineapple because it would break down fats. Do not.

To do:

  • Weight training

This will cause you to increase muscle mass.
Muscles use more energy at rest than fat mass and so your entire body will use more energy.

  • No crash diets

But also no shakes, skipping meals or things that confuse your diet.
Eat healthy, varied and sufficient.

2. Are there certain foods that can help you lose belly fat? 

How nice would this be. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes and local slimming is not possible.
This is also the case with sports.
Only doing abdominal exercises because you want to lose belly fat is therefore not a good idea. 

To do:

  • Limit fast sugars and alcohol

These affect your blood sugar level, causing your pancreas to produce extra insulin.
And insulin is a stimulant to promote fat storage. 

  • Doe full body work-outs 

Provide your entire body with a package of muscles.
Who knows, you might lose some belly fat because your body has a better metabolism through full body strength training in combination with cardio.

3. How can I maintain my diet?

Frequently asked questions to the dietician |  Tight Plan online dietitians
Make your ‘diet’ feasible

When you have to use the words diet and persistence in 1 sentence, the diet you do is not a match for you.
A diet should not be sustainable , but tailored to your lifestyle. 

To do:

  • Go for adjustments that you say ‘I can still see myself doing that in five years’
  • Don’t do things ‘by character’

That works for a while, but then you take something off your forbidden list, you think ‘kill everything’ and eat your whole box of chocolates instead of enjoying 1 piece.

Ps: let us help you and book your FREE introductory meeting today .

4. Should I Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight?

Intermittent fasting was not created for the purpose of losing weight.
Well, among other things, to prevent cardiovascular disease, to control blood sugar levels and to reduce inflammation in your body.

However, intermittent fasting is not feasible for many people in their daily rhythm.
Just think of not eating after 8 pm while you are only home from work at 7 pm.
Or don’t eat until 11 a.m. while you work in shifts.

At Strak Plan we work with the principle of eating breaks. This is based on the same principle of intermittent fasting, but in a milder form.

The eating breaks mean that we work with 3 main meals and no snacks. This allows for:

  • optimal fat burning due to fewer insulin peaks
  • prevention against insulin resistance
  • less inflammation in the body
  • stimulation of fat breakdown

We will work on this in our weight loss programs .

5. How come I don’t lose weight and this when I really don’t eat that much?

Frequently asked questions to the dietician |  Tight Plan online dietitians
Eat enough

Eating too little can cause your metabolism to slow down. 
What you eat – too little protein and too many carbohydrates – is also important.
And when you eat certainly also has an influence, as explained in the point above. 

Do you eat dry crackers and rice cakes all day long or a full meal three times a day? Then take a look at your diet together with your dietician.

To do:

  • Eat enough
  • Eat the right nutrients
  • Let yourself be guided by a dietician

6. I want to lose weight, but I’m in menopause and I can’t

When you enter menopause, your metabolism slows down . 

You will also break down muscle mass , so that your consumption at rest is lower. So make sure that your metabolism remains optimal and that your muscles are also optimally preserved.

To do:

  • Exercise and certainly also strength training for muscle preservation
  • Reduce calorie intake slightly, but with a focus on the right foods

7. Why am I hungry again so quickly after a piece of fruit as a snack?

Frequently asked questions to the dietician |  Tight Plan online dietitians
Eat some proteins and/or healthy fats with your portion of fruit

Fruit mainly provides simple sugars and a share of fiber. 

These fruit sugars have an influence on your blood sugar level .
Add a few nuts and you will notice that this is already much better. 

Nuts provide proteins and healthy fats that will slow down gastric emptying and reduce the sugar peak in your blood.

To do:

  • Eat your fruit as a dessert with a meal. For example, the sugars are packaged by proteins and healthy fats
  • Eat a portion of nuts or yogurt with your fruit

8. What exactly is a healthy meal?

With Strak Plan it matters less how much you eat, but when and what. 

When : we work with eating breaks; 3 main meals a day that provide:

  • Optimal fat burning due to fewer insulin peaks
  • Prevention against insulin resistance
  • Less inflammation in the body
  • Stimulant for fat breakdown

What : full-fledged meals with healthy fats, sufficient proteins and carbohydrates to the extent of your personal needs.

To do:

  • Eat 3 healthy meals a day 
  • Always provide enough proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates according to your needs

9. How many eggs per week can I eat?

Have you ever heard that you can only eat 2 eggs a week because they contain cholesterol? Eggs do indeed contain cholesterol, but this is a type that your body does not (completely) absorb. 

More important to keep your cholesterol level healthy is to be careful with saturated fats.
These are the unhealthy fats.
Easy to remember due to Saturated fats, AVOID. 

Too much sugar can certainly also have an influence.

In addition, eggs also contain healthy, fat-soluble vitamins and are a good source of zinc, protein, iron and vitamin B12, among other things. 

Eggs are therefore a full-fledged meat substitute.

To do:

  • Feel free to eat an omelette, fried egg or boiled egg more often
  • Do not limit yourself to 2 eggs per week
  • Watch out for saturated fats and too much sugar

10. How can Tight Plan help me?

Are you tired of following a diet over and over again and are you looking for a sustainable solution?

Then start your weight loss journey at Tight Plan.

  • No short term solutions

No quick fixes, but tips & tricks to keep your new lifestyle forever with lasting results.

  • Lose weight the fun way

Fancy a cookie? Then feel free to take one. We don’t scrap foods, but get started with behavioral change. That way you enjoy 1 cookie and you don’t have to eat the whole pack in 1 go.

  • Lose weight the easy way

Small tweaks, no drastic changes. We work with the principle of eating breaks and are happy to explain to you how this can change your life.

  • 24/7 follow-up

Ask your Strak Plan dietitian all your questions 24/7 and become a lifelong member of the Strak Plan Community; our Facebook group where product information, recipes and motivational tips appear on a regular basis.

» Part of the journey is reimbursed by your health insurance fund

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